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About Shukutoku University:

Shukutoku University (淑徳大学 Shukutoku daigaku) founded in 1965 as  a post secondary school specializing Social Welfare. The objective of the school is to educate students to be self-reliant and to contribute to independence among all kinds of people, including children, senior citizens and people with disabilities, through the practice of social welfare. Currently  approximately 4,550 students are enrolled. It has 6 undergraduate programs: Integrated Human and Social Welfare, Community Studies, Cross-Cultural Communication And Business, Business Administration, Education, and Nursing and Nutrition, and 2 graduate programs:Integrated Human and Social Welfare Studies and Shukutoku Graduate School of International Business and Culture.  The university will also launch a College of Humanities in April, 2014.

Shukutoku University has 4 campuses: Chiba, Chiba # 2, Tokyo, and Saitama Mizuhodai as well as an Ikebukuro satellite campus. 


Institution: Shukutoku University
Founded: 1965
Type: Private University
Location: Chiba, Chiba

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