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About Rikkyo University:

Rikkyo University (立教大学 Rikkyō daigaku) also known as St. Paul's College, dates back to 1874 when Bishop Channing Moore Williams, a missionary of the American Episcopal Church opened a private school to teach English and Bible studies in the foreign settlement of Tsukiji, Tokyo. The school was called "Rikkyo School." Later, the Rikkyo School became Rikkyo University, with students using English texts. Soon after the university relocated to the Ikebukuro area (1918), Rikkyo became an accredited university under the University Order in 1922, at the same time the College of Arts consisting of Department of English and American Literature, Philosophy, and Religious Studies, the College of Commerce, and the Preparatory Courses were founded. In 1990, the university opened their second campus in Niiza.


Today, Rikkyo University has 10 undergraduate programs: the College of Arts, Intercultural Communications, Economics, Business, Sciences, Sociology, Law and Politics, Tourism, Community and Human Services, and Contemporary Psychology, and 14 graduate programs: Graduate School of Arts, Economics, Business, Science, Sociology, Law and Politics, Tourism, Community and Human Services, Contemporary Psychology, Christian Studies, Business Administration, Social Design Studies, Intercultural Studies, and Law School. In addition, Rikkyo University has offered continuing education programs since 2008.


Rikkyo University
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Toshima-ku, Tokyo

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