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Museum of Fine Arts Boston: Art of Asia Collection

General Information

Facility: Museum of Fine Arts Boston
465 Huntington Avenue
Boston, MA 02115
Phone: (617) 267-9300
Email: N/A
Hours: Hours of operation

About the Museum:

Opened in 1876, the Museum of Fine Arts now includes approximately 450,000 works of art, with a strong emphasis on Asian art, among others. Due to this emphasis, the MFA's Asian art collections are considered some of the finest in the Western world.

For more information about the Art of Asia collection, please contact the museum using the information listed above.


The Collections page on the MFA website includes descriptions of each major collection of the museum, along with recent acquisitions and collection highlights that are viewable online.

Summary of Collections

The Art of Asia Collection at the Museum of Fine Arts Boston is considered one of the finest collections of Asian museum artifacts in the Western world. It includes over 100,000 works dating from 4000 B.C. to the present day. Pieces hail from Japan, China, Korea, South and Southeast Asia, and the Islamic world.

The museum's collections offer a strong emphasis on Japanese works, which can be reviewed in further detail on the Japanese Collections page. The Chinese and Indian collections are similarly emphasized, with particularly strong collections of paintings and sculpture. The Korean collection is also known for its ceramics and Buddhist paintings.


Online Resources

This page showcases some of the pieces from the Arts of Korea collection on display in the gallery. It also includes a brief introduction to the collection and a description of the new gallery that houses it.

This lists all upcoming events occurring at the Museum of Fine Arts Boston open to the public. These include free tours in multiple languages as well as other events.

This page lists all current and upcoming exhibitions, as well as those upcoming exhibitions that are scheduled and ready to be publicized. These include all Asian collections' exhibitions.

A collection of multimedia-based options allowing online users to explore the MFA's collections and exhibitions in greater detail. These include online discussions, close examinations of works from the museum's collections, videos exploring art techniques, interviews of artists, and more.

This page gives a brief introduction to the pieces on display in this unique gallery as well as an explanation of the room's design.

This page includes a slideshow of the South and Southeast Asian Art Collection gallery. It also includes a brief introduction to the collections and a short description of the gallery's organization.

How to Use the Facility

The Museum of Fine Arts offers over 160,000 high-quality images for publishing and personal study needs. Prices vary depending on the number of images and use of the items. This page is also where image licensing information is made available for the general public.

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