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About Kanazawa Institute of Technology:

Kanazawa Institute of Technology (金沢工業大学 Kanazawa kōgyō daigaku), also known as KIT,  was founded in 1965. The university's predecessor was 北陸電波学校 (Hokuriku denpa gakkō), which was founded in 1957 for the purpose of training radio wave engineers..

KIT is well known for its unique educational policy that engages initiative of students. For example, KIT offers a free-thinking workshop called Yumekobo (夢考房 Yumekōbō) where students could engage in their projects and research on developing objects such as solar cars, architecture design, robot, etc.

KIT offers 4 under graduate programs: Engineering (6 Departments),Environmental Engineering and Architecture (5 Departments), Informatics and Human Communication (4 Departments) and Bio science and Chemistry (2 Departments).  Their graduate program was first founded in 1978. Today, there are 11 graduate programs: Mechanical Engineering, Civil and Environmental Engineering, Information and Computer Engineering, Electrical Engineering and Electronics, System Design Engineering, Material Design Engineering, Architecture Engineering, System for Intellectual Creation, Business Architecture and Clinical Psychology.

KIT has 3 campuses: Ohgigaoka (扇が丘), Yatsukaho (八束穂) and Toranomon, Tokyo.


Kanazawa Institute of Technology
Private University
Kanazawa, Ishikawa

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