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International Christian University (国際基督教大学Kokusai Kirisutokyō daigaku also known as ICU) was founded in 1949 by a group of Japanese Christian educators.  Their desire to found a university based on Christian principles started a movement in both Japan and the United States.  In 1948, the Japan International Christian University Foundation (JICUF) was established in New York to coordinate fund-raising for the university and to advance world peace, especially between Japan and the United States.  Many donations were received from people of all faiths despite of tight financial situation after World War II.  Meanwhile, Bank of Japan Governor Hisato Ichimada  made a great effort to raise funds in Japan.  ICU was formally established in 1949 by Japanese and North American Christian leaders, who convened at the Gotemba YMCA Camp.  George Kiyoshi Togasaki, Rotary Club president from 1968-69, became honorary chairman of the board of the university in 1949.  ICU was founded with the hope of becoming  a “University of Tomorrow,” a place where Japanese and international students would live together and learn to work to solve emerging problems of the world.

One of ICU's notable alumni is Senator Jay Rockfeller of West Virginia who studied Japanese for 3 years at ICU in late 50s before receiving his A.B. in Far Eastern Languages and History from Harvard College in 1961.

ICU is located in Mitaka, Japan and offers a Liberal Arts Curriculum with 32 majors.


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