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About Hosei University:

In 1880, Hosei University (法政大学 Hosei daigaku ) began as (東京法学社 Tōkyō Hōgakusha) a law school.  The following year it was renamed Tokyo School of Law (東京法学校 Tokyo Hōgakkō). In 1889, however, the school received strong influence from Dr. Gustave Emile Boissonade and the French legal tradition, resulting in its merger with a school of French studies then renamed the Tokyo School of Japanese-French Law (東京仏学校 Tōkyō Futsugakkō).  In 1903, the school adopted the name Hosei University, it was recognized as a private university in 1920.

Hosei has 3 main campuses: Ichigaya, Koganei, and Tama. There are 15 undergraduate faculties, 13 graduate schools: 29 majors, 1 institute and 2 professional schools: Law school and Innovation Management (Business School and Accounting).


Institution: Hosei University
Founded: 1880
Type: Private University
Location: Chiyoda, Tokyo

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