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Please use this introduction to find and navigate NCC's freely available online services.


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Example of NCC Online Services

Classroom Resources
Subject Guides Portal Japanese Research & Bibliographic Methods for Undergraduates 


A hub for more than 200 Japan-related research and study guides, sorted by academic discipline. Appropriate for users at all levels of study and linguistic proficiency.

A complete 25-unit curriculum for teaching all aspects of Japanese research and bibliographic methods to students who have completed at least one year of Japanese.  

Instructional guides to using full-text online Japanese-language content for teaching about Japan across the curriculum.

Research and Study Abroad Resources for you and your students
Publishing in English Image Use Protocol
Research Access in Japanese MLAs

A new bilingual guide to English-language publishing for Japanese scholars, and the editors and publishers who work with them (coming summer 2014).

A guide to help users locate, gain permission for, and use Japanese visual images for teaching, research, and publications. A guide for scholars and students who wish to conduct research in Japanese institutions (museums, libraries, and archives), with English language introductions and links to major collections in Japan.  Going Global in 2014 with new guides to North American Collections, and to European Collections in 2015. 
Grants and Internships
Multi-Volume Sets Project (MVS) NCC Student Internships  

Since 1992 NCC has provided annual funding to support the cooperative development of freely circulating collections of uncommonly held Japanese resources for teaching and research, MVS supports collection development in small and large collections alike.

NCC offers internships to students in accredited MLIS programs and to graduate students in Japanese studies. Internships may be offered for course credit or on a paid basis.

NCC Librarian Resources 
Interlibrary Loan and Document Delivery
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Librarian Professional Development Working Group (LPDWG)
Cooperative Collection Development Working Group (CCWG)

 NCC supports international resource sharing by coordinating the Global ILL Framework with over 260 institutional members internationally, and by providing online support for users of other interlibrary loan services with Japan.

An international group of librarians devoted to ongoing training of librarians who serve Japanese studies faculty and students.  A key collaborator with NCC in training the next generation of librarians.   Japanese Studies Librarian working to strengthen local and regional collection development to ensure open access to Japanese information by users in small and large institutions everywhere.  
Workshops and Webinars
Workshops Webinars  

NCC periodically offers hands-on training workshops on Japanese resources, please consult the News listings on our Website for upcoming programs.

NCC also hosts a series of Webinars that may be freely downloaded anytime.


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