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Beyond Covid: Preparing Next Generation Librarians for the Future of Japanese Studies (2023)

Workshop Description


The NCC Librarian Professional Development Working Group is pleased to offer the Beyond Covid: Preparing Next Generation of Japanese Librarians for the Future of Japanese Studies Workshop.

The proposed workshop will deliver sessions addressing core areas of librarianship such as collection development (foundational collection development skills, ebook collection development, diaspora archive management), resource sharing (access to collections in Japan), metadata (implications of the revised ALA-LC Japanese Romanization for Public Services) and digital humanities (content curation, GIS for Japanese old maps).

Most importantly, participants will also be able to develop or strengthen their professional networks necessary for increasing efficiency of their work and developing future collaborative projects at local and global levels.


Date and Venue

Date: March 13, 2023 (1-day)

Venue: 2 Divinity Avenue (Common Room; Harvard-Yenching Library) <>



The NCC would like to thank the Toshiba International Foundation for their generous support in making this workshop possible.

We would also like to express our deepest appreciation to the Harvard Yenching Institute for providing the venue, and special thanks to Kuniko Yamada McVey for her assistance with local logistics!

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