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NCC Japanese Digital Image Gateway: Usage Guide

Search Fields

Search by fields

Filter your search by "Title," "Keywords," or "Description"


Example: filter by all three fields = 18 records


Include Category

Search by category

Select All OR Clear All

Otherwise, select one or more individual categories


Example: "Maps & Topography" = 3 records


Search Box

Keyword Search

1. Enter a keyword in the search box at the top where it says "search digital resource database." The keyword can be in English or in Japanese

2. Click on "search" button

3. Click on "clear" button to clear your keyword


Example: "Edo" as keyword = 7 records (note, default search fields are "title" and "keywords")


Alphabetical Search

Click the alphabet shown in blue under "All resources by romanization"


Example: if you want to search for all resources that begin with the letter "B," click on the letter "B."


Full description

To see the full description of each resource, click on the Title from your search results. 
This will take you to a new window with the following information: Title, Institution name, Categories, Collection URL, Description


Example:  full record for the Library of Congress Fine Prints: Japanese, pre-1915.


IIIF and Creative Commons

IIIF and Creative Commons Search


Example: Select "IIIF" and/or "Creative Commons" in the category searches to find resources that are IIIF compliant and/or licensed under Creative Commons


When you look at each resource's full description, you will see the logo for IIIF and Creative Commons as well as the IIIF and Creative Commons keywords highlighted



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