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NCC Japanese Digital Image Gateway: Features

Large collections

Institutions that hold large numbers of images with multiple databases are listed below. Although the images are searchable through the NCC Japanese Digital Image Gateway, it is advisable to directly access the links below in order to fully utilize the search functions provided by each institution. 


カルチュラル・ジャパン Cultural Japan
ヨーロピアナ Europeana
国立国会図書館デジタルコレクション National Diet Library Digital Collection
大英図書館 The British Library Japanese Collection
ジャパン・サーチ Japan Search

Academic and Research Library Collections

慶応義塾大学メディアセンター デジタルコレクション Digital Collections of Keio University Libraries
早稲田大学古典籍総合データベース  Kotenseki Sogo Database Japanese & Chinese Classics
早稲田大学演劇博物館演劇情報総合データベース Database for Theatre Research
国際日本文化センターデータベース International Research Center for Japanese Studies Database


Useful Links

NCC Japanese Digital Image Gateway's images are held by numerous institutions in Japan, North America, and Europe. More details on each of the institutions, its collections, and access to them can be found in NCC's Online Guide to Research Access for Japanese Museums, Libraries, and Archives (MLAs): By Subject.

Directory of Overseas Collections of Old and Rare Japanese Books, Other Print Materials and Manuscripts(在外日本古典籍所蔵機関ディレクトリ)

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