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Cooperative Collection Development Working Group: Newspaper Info. & Commitments

Strengthening North American cooperation in collection development

For Researchers: An easier way to find newspapers

Features of the Spreadsheet:

Titles are available in three formats:
  • Romanized Japanese
  • English (when available)
  • Japanese kana and kanji
We have addressed newspaper title changes:
  • Detailed information on title changes, look at the bottom of the spreadsheet for the 'Sorted by Name Changes' tab.
  • The left most column of the spreadsheet has a 'collocation key'
Easy to follow links to three major databases:
  • OCLC - If you want to make an Interlibrary loan request, this is the database you'll use.
  • Zenkoku Shinbun Sogo Mokuroku Database (全国新聞総合目録データーベース) - Japanese only, but provides very detailed metadata on each newspaper.
  • ICON (International Coalition of Newspapers) -  This database specializes in newspapers published outside the US.

I found the newspaper I want, what's next?

If you find a newspaper matching your research interests, the next step is to make an Interlibrary Loan or Document Delivery request (ILL/DD). Your institution's library web page should have a 'how to' ILL/DD section. Because there are some additional complications involved with requesting newspapers with Japaense titles, the NCC provides an ILL Guide. Following the advice will ensure you recieve materials as soon as possible.

CCWG Local Newspapers Project

For Librarians: Making decisions on collection development

CCWG agreed that the following 21 in-print Japanese newspapers are relatively important. According to the results of survey (conducted in October 2011), 16 of them are collected by the committed institutions as shown below. Some of the committed institutions hold the full runs of each title, but some others are on their way to fill the gap issues. If your institution would like to contribute to this project by committing to subscribing any of the following titles (especially the ones without any committed institutions which title are indicated in red).

North American Coordinating Council on Japanese Library Resources
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