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Cooperative Collection Development Working Group: Monograph Collections

Strengthening North American cooperation in collection development

2012 Results

The results from the 2012 Specific Monograph Collections Survey, which shows what each institution currently focuses on collecting, are now available. 
The goal of the survey was to discover unique research materials and stregthen Japanese Studies collections through collaboration.
The results of the survey available in three forms:
1. Survey Results: these are the results as they were submitted by Librarians who supervise the development
2. Broad Categories: These are categories that the NCC has created based to collocate collections by their different kinds subject matter. As of now there are 20 broad categories with specific sub-divisions for each collection.
3. Institutions: If you want to know all the subject areas in one institutions collections, use this spreadsheet.

To switch between the 3 spreadsheets,
click on the tabs at the bottom.

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