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JSIST 2004 Pages: December 10, 2004


Speaker: ISHIWATARI Takashi, NDL

December 10, 2004

Mr. Ishiwatari gave us a lecture on overview of preserving books.

  1. The best condition: temperature 18-22 centigrade, humidity 45-55 % Even materials are kept in the best condition, the drastic environmental change damages materials. He showed some examples damaged even by electric light which include UV.
  2. He explained the types of Japanese books and methods of mending: the nature of paper, the ways of binding of Japanese books relating to methods of mending books.3 rules of mending:
        a. do not break
        b. restore
        c. keep documents
  3. We had hands-on experience of handling scrolls, and mend torn page with WASHI.
  4. We had a tour in the preservation section and observed that they preserved Japanese traditional books. They have mentioned about the lack of programs where they train young people who are interested in learning preservation. Also, it was noted that there is little working place for trained young people.

    [Prepared by Keiko Yokota-Carter.]

Information Resources 6: Statistics

Speaker: KATO Hiroshi and OZAWA Kota, NDL

December 10, 2004

Mr. Kato discussed the various kinds of statistical data available both online and in print from the Japanese government and nongovernmental organizations. Several online resources for statistics were introduced during the session:

For government statistical data:
Somucho Tokeikoku, Statistics Bureau, Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications

Tokei Deta Potaru Saito, Portal of Government Statistical Data

Gateway for All Japanese Information, STATISTICS (A site for most current statistical data in English)

For statistical data for nongovernmental organizations:
Intanetto Johogen 21, 3. Keizai Joho

Tokei Rinkushu, The Statistics of Japan

GDP Keiki Keizai Saito

Nihon no Keiki Keizai Joho Kaisoku Netowaku "DInNEco", Digital Information Network of the Japanese Economy

Economic Data

Mr. Ozawa led the discussion and hands-on session of online statistical data websites, the Statistics Bureau's Website and Portal of Government Statistical Data, as well as resources in print such as Index of Statiscal Data, Bijinesu Deta Kensaku Jiten, Tokei Gaido Bukku and Historical Statistics of Japan.

[Prepared by Eiichi Ito.]

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