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About the University of California Los Angeles:

Begun in 1919 as the University of California Southern Branch, UCLA is a world-renowned research university, especially known for its medical research and sports teams. UCLA has received $1 billion in research grants annually for the past three years.

UCLA is one branch of the University of California, and was the second campus incorporated by the school. The campus is 419 acres, located in Westwood Village.

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Institution: University of California at Los Angeles
Founded: 1919
Type: State university
Location: Los Angeles, CA

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Japanese Studies

Department of Asian Languages and Cultures
  • B.A. in Japanese
  • M.A. or Ph.D. focusing on language and linguistics, literary and hermeneutical studies, historical studies, or art history.
  • 28 faculty and professional throughout the university who teach courses focusing on Japan.
UCLA Asia Institute
  • B.A. in East Asian Studies with a concentration on Japan.
  • M.A. and Ph.D. interdisciplinary program with a concentration on Japan.
Terasaki Center for Japanese Studies
  • Terasaki Postdoctoral fellowship in Japanese.
Disciplines and Professional Schools
  • Several departments and professional schools at UCLA offer M.A. or Ph.D. degrees with a focus on Japan.
  • Courses focusing on Japan are offered in the following departments: anthropology, art history, ethnomusicology, history, law, linguistics, management, performing arts, political science, and theater.
  • The performing arts classes include a dance and a music class, both of which include Gagaku.

Admissions information for both undergraduate and graduate applications can be found at the UCLA Admissions webpage.

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