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About the University of California San Diego:

Founded in 1955, the San Diego campus was built on land given to the University of California by the San Diego City Council at no charge to establish a school of engineering. Originally the Institute of Technology and Engineering, the campus was incorporated into the University of California in 1960.

UCSD now offers degrees in over 65 departments, including a major or minor in Japanese Studies through the East Asian Studies Department.

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Institution: University of California at San Diego
Founded: 1955
Type: State university
Location: San Diego, CA

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Founded in the 1986, IR/PS is what gave UCSD a name in the Asian studies field, with a main focus on business, government, and non-profit organizations.

Japanese Studies


  • B.A. in Japanese Studies.
  • Minor in Japanese studies also available.
  • Specialization in Japan available within several programs, including international studies, linguistics, and visual arts.
  • Study abroad opportunities available.
  • Courses with a focus on Japan are offered in the following departments: economics, history, international relations & Pacific studies, literature, music, political science, religion, sociology, and virtual arts.
  • The majority of the Japan-related courses being taught outside of the department are in history, international relations & Pacific studies, literature, and political science.
  • 24 faculty and professional staff teach courses with a focus on Japan throughout the university.


  • M.P.I.A. or Ph.D. available through the Graduate School of International Relations and Pacific Studies, with a concentration on Asia.
  • M.A. or Ph.D. available through the School of Humanities and Social Sciences with a concentration on Japan.
  • Graduate programs with a specialization or concentration in Japan are available from several departments, including history.

For admissions information, please see the UCSD undergraduate application page or graduate application page.

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