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About Tsuda College:

Tsuda College (津田塾大学 Tsudajuku daigaku) was founded in 1900 by Tsuda Umeko as Joshi Eigaku Juku.In 1933 the name changed to Tsuda Eigaku Juku and in 1948 it was named Tsuda Juku Daigaku (Tsuda College). Tsuda is one of the best known women's colleges in Japan and has played an important role in training women leaders in all fields for over a century.  Tsuda Umeko was the youngest member of the Iwakura Mission traveling to the US at the age of six, where she remained until age 18. After several years in Japan she returned to Bryn Mawr where she studied until 1892. During her absence, Japan and passed the Girls' Higher Education Law (1889) which dictated that each prefecture must have higher education for girls.  Tsuda College grew from the Joshi Eigaku Juku, which she founded in 1900. 

Tsuda College is organized around an undergraduate college of liberal arts and three graduate schools. 


Tsuda College
Private Women's College
Kodaira, Tokyo

Other Programs of Interest

With its emphasis on foreign language study and international education Tsuda College is very strong in the area and has established international exchange programs with 24 institutions in the following countries: Australia, Canada, China, Germany, Korea, Mexico, Spain, Sweden, Taiwan, the Philippines, the United Kingdom, and the United States.

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