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MIN-ON Music Museum: Library (資料館)


General Information

MIN-on Music Library
8 Shinanomachi Shinjuku-ku Tokyo, 160-8588
Phone: +81-3-5362-3555
FAX: +81-3-5362-3556
Email: (Please replace # with @)
Monday, Wednesday, Friday, Sunday,
National Holidays New Year's Holidays, 8/1-8/15


About the Library:

The MIN-on Music Library was In 1974 as ten year anniversary. The library is the main part of the MIN-ON Museum.


Parent Institution

Institution: MIN-ON
Founded: 1974
Type: Incorporated Foundation
Location: Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo

About MIN-ON:

Zaidan hōjin Minshu ongaku kyōkai (財団法人民主音楽協会), also known as MIN_ON (民音), was established in 1963.  In 1974, MIN-on Music Library was founded as as ten year anniversary of their establishment.  In 1997, MIN-on was moved to Shinanomachi (信濃町).  In the same year, the exhibition hall was created. 

Since its establishment, MIN-ON has provided wide variety of music including classical music, pops, Japanese pop music (歌謡曲 Kayō kyoku) and traditional performance. They also have engaged cultural exchange with other countries and held musical contests.

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Summary of Collection(s)

Collection Size: As of 2011

  • Audio-Visual Material: 120,000 items
  • Musical Score: 46,000 items
  • Books: 35,000 volumes
  • Photographs: 110,000 items

Focus: Modern Music (Edo-Meiji, Taishō), Western Music

Notable Collection(s):

  • Shōka sugoroku nishikie (唱歌双六 錦絵): Sugoroku (双六) is a Japanese board game, one similar to western backgammon. On a Shōka Sugoroku, each stop contains a song that is designed to be sung (Tenpo-Taishō, Shōwa).
  • Senoo gakufu (セノオ楽譜): Seno gakufu is musical scores published by Senoo Kōyō (妹尾幸陽), mostly focused on the Western music.  More than 1,000 scores were published.  From 1916 to 1929, The cover illustration were drawn by Takehisa Yumeji (竹久夢二).
  •  Shogaku shōkashu (小学唱歌集): Musical Textbook for children, which was first published in 1881 (Meiji period).
  •  Ongaku shinan (音楽指南): Music Text(?), published by the Ministry of Education in 1884 (Meiji period).



1. JR Chuō・Sōbu line (中央・総武線) Shinanomachi station (信濃町駅):
  • On Foot: About 3 minutes
2. Tokyo Metro Marunouchi line (東京メトロ丸の内線) Yotsuya Sanchōme station (四谷三丁目駅):
  • On Foot: About 10 minutes
3. Toei Ōedo line Yoyogi National Gymnasium, Kokuritsu kyōgijō station (国立競技場駅):
  • On Foot: About 10 minutes

How to Use the Facility

Using the Library

Prior to the Visit:

Please submit the registration form (登録申請書 Tōroku shinseisho) including name, phone number and FAX number  of the home institution at the counter.  For an individual applicant, please use  (個人利用登録申請書 Kojin riyō tōroku shinseisho).

Upon Arrival:

  • Please present some form of ID.
  • The Library card (100 yen) will be issued after the registration.

Accessing the Library Materials

  • Please use call numbers for asking for books, recording materials, audio-visual materials and title names and publishing date for periodicals (There seems to be computers for search and a request form).
  • For books and musical scores: Up to four items per request.
  • Recording / audio-visual items: Up to two items per request.
  • Borrowing books and music scores: Up to four items for three weeks.
  • Some materials may not be subjects for borrowing.

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