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Kosanji Temple Museum: Kosanji Temple Museum (耕三寺博物館)


General Information

Choseizan Kosanji Temple Kosanji Temple Museum
553-2 Setoda Setoda-cho Onomachi-shi, Hiroshima
Email: (please replace # with @)
9:00 -17:00
Open throughout the year


About  Kosanji Temple Museum:

Choseizan Kosanji Temple (潮聲耕三寺) is associated with the jodo shinshu sect. The temple was founded by Kosanji  Kozo (耕三寺耕三) in 1936 to honor his deceased mother.  The Choseikaku (潮聲閣) villa which is a part of the temple was decorated with Buddhist artworks. These art works and fixtures from Choseikaku villa are the prominent collections of the museum. The museum is officially recognized in 1952. 

The Kosanji Museum holds about 2,000 items including 19 important cultural properties and 40 important art objects. There are three departments: Buddhist Art, Tea Ceremony Art and Modern Art. Buddhist art collection are displayed at Kongo-kan (金剛館).  Tea ceremony related art objects are found at  Shozo Warehouse (僧宝蔵), and finally modern arts are found at Hohozo Warehouse (法宝蔵).

Summary of Collection(s)

Collection Size: More than 2,000 items


  • Buddhist Art

  • Tea Ceremony Art

  • Modern Art

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Visiting the Museum

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