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About Kochi University:

Kochi University (高知大学 Kōchi daigaku) is a national university, founded in 1922, and chartered as a national university in 1949.  Located in the Southern part of the Shikoku region, the school rejoices in year round warm weather, brought by the black current (黒潮 Kuroshio), which runs from South East Asia to Japan.

The university has strong ties with the local community, working to solve various issues locally, and thereafter providing solutions to the rest of the world.  The university offered the first independent graduate school in Japan called the Graduate School of Kuroshio Science Doctoral Course.  This unique program is a center for the study for the environment and society, medicine and health of the East and South-East Asian regions, affected by the Kuroshio current.

Kochi University has 5 undergraduate programs: Humanities and Economics, Education, Science, Agriculture and the Medical School and 7 graduate schools: Integrated Arts and Sciences, Education Science, Science, Agriculture, Kuroshio Science, the Medical School and the United Graduate School of Agriculture located at Ehime University, which is a joint program among Ehime, Kagawa and Kochi Universities.  By combining, resources from each university, the program can offer a high level of instruction and a wide range of education.

Kochi University has three campuses: Asakura, Oko and Mononobe.


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