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About Gakiushuin University:

Gakushuin was originally founded in 1847 in Kyoto as a "peers school" for members of the Japanese Imperial Family and the nobility.  Study especially emphasized Japanese traditional arts, with emphasis on perfecting manners and strengthening moral character.  In 1877, after the Imperial Family moved to Tokyo, the campus was relocated to Mejiro in Tokyo's Toshima-ku, and the name Gakushuin was retained. In 1947, after World War II, all limits on entry were removed and Gakushuin became a private school, for the first time accepting members of the general public.  In 1949, the school was reformed as private university.  Gakushuin remains one of Japan's most prestigious universities and counts the highest number of members of the Imperial Family among its alumni and current students. 

Gakushuin has four faculties: Law, Economics, Letters and Science and 5 graduate programs: Law, Political Science, Economics, Management, and Humanities.  In addition, there is a Professional School of Law.



Institution: Gakushuin University
Founded: 1847
Type: Private University
Location: Toshima-ku, Tokyo

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