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About Ehime University: (Updated in 03/23/2015)

Founded in 1949, Ehime University  (愛媛大学 Ehime daigaku) is the largest private university in the Shikoku.  Four schools were merged to form the university: Matsuyama National High School (established 1919), Ehime Prefectural Teachers School (1876), Ehime Prefectural Youth Teachers School (1927), and Ehime Prefectural Niihama Technical School (1939).

Ehime university has six faculties: Law and Letters, Education, Science, the School of Medicine, Engineering, and Agriculture. and graduate programs of the same kind.  In addition six faculties, Super Science Course offers special programs to outstanding students who will provide future leadership at the following research centers at Ehime University: Center for Marine Environmental Studies (CMES), Geodynamics Research Center (GRC),  and Proteo-Science Center (PROS).  In addition to subjects offered only for this course, students can take specialist subjects provided by the faculties of Science, Technology and Agriculture. After completion of the program these students are expected to continue their studies at graduate programs.

The university has campus in Johoku, Shigenobu, Tarumi and Mochida.



Institution: Ehime University
Founded: 1949
Type: National University
Location: Matsuyama, Ehime

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