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University of Colorado at Boulder: University of Colorado Art Museum

The research access guide to the University of Colorado at Boulder's Japanese collections.

General Information

Facility: University of Colorado Art Museum
Address: 1085 18th Street
Boulder, CO 80309
Phone: (303) 492-8300
FAX: (303) 735-4197

About the museum:

Begun in 1939 with the donation of a small number of art objects originally intended as teaching resources, the Art Museum has been housed on the University of Colorado at Boulder campus for over 70 years.

For more information concerning the Japanese collection, please contact Maggie Mazzullo at (303) 492-2551 or by email.


An online database of the Art Museum's collections, including images and detailed descriptions. The collections can be browsed by collection or searched by multiple fields. Items can be added to a "My Favorites" tab for later viewing.

Resources and Facilities

Summary of Collections

Collection size: as of May 2023

The University of Colorado Art Museum has a permanent collection of more than 12,500 items. Of these, roughly 600 items comprise the museum's Asian Art collection. Of particular note is the museum's collection of approximately 50 Japanese ukiyo-e prints.

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How to Use the Facility

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