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University of Cambridge : Faculty Library

Global Guide to Japanese Collections held at the University of Cambridge

General Information

Faculty of Asian & Middle Eastern Studies Library
Sidgwick Avenue
CB3 9DA            
+44 (0)1223-335 112
Term Hours (Term dates)
Michaelmas and Lent
Mon-Fri  09:00-17:30
Easter Term
Mon-Fri  09:00-19:00
Sat  13:00-17:00
Vacation Hours
Mon-Fri 09.00-17:00
Sat 09.00-16.30
More information here.
Sunday, Christmas and New Year, Easter, English Bank Holiday



The Library is primarily a working collection for students but, because of its varied origins, it also contains a great deal of valuable material relevant to research students and to visiting scholars. The collections are arranged on a regional basis and publications in Asian & Middle Eastern languages are not classified separately.

Summary of Collection(s)

Notable Collection(s):

The Faculty Library is primarily an English (and European) language collection but there are many publications in the various Asian & Middle Eastern languages taught in the Faculty: Chinese, Japanese, Sanskrit, Hindi, Arabic, Persian, Hebrew. Click here for a description of the collections. The Library houses a number of special collections and there are also slides, videos and DVDs, photographs and maps. There is an archive collection of papers of scholars of Asia and the Middle East.

Online Catalog: Newton (supports CJK characters), Library Search (no CJK support), Library Search+ (support CJK characters, allow to search for articles, ebooks, and more)

Digital Collection(s)

List of useful resources for Japanese studies.

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How to Use the Facility

The Faculty of Asian and Middle Eastern Studies Library is a dependent institution of the University Library. The UL regulations and rules of conduct for readers apply at all times.

Researcher may access and use the library but books can be only borrowed by current members of the University.

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