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About Tokyo Metropolitan Foundation for History and Culture:

The Tokyo Metropolitan Foundation for History and Culture (TMFHC) was established in 1995 as a result of unification of Tokyo Culture Promotion Association of Foundation and  Edo-Tokyo HistoryFoundation. The TMFHC became public interest incorporated foundation in April,  2010.

In addition to the Tokyo Metropolitan Edo-Tokyo Museum, the TMFHC operates 11 culutral facilities: the Tokyo Metropolitan Teien Art Museum, the Edo-Tokyo Open Air Architectural Museum, the Museum of Contemporary Art Tokyo,  the Tokyo Metropolitan Muesum of Photography , the Tokyo Metropolitan Art Museum, the the Tokyo Bunka Kaikan, the Tokyo Metropolitan Theatre, the Tokyo Wonder Site Hongo, Shibuya, Aoyama, and the Tokyo Metropolitan Arts Studio (Suitengu Pit).

Since its establishment, the TMFHC has been promoting arts and culture in Tokyo as well as preserve and develop the Edo-Tokyo historical heritage.The TMFHC also arranges a wide range cultural events and supports cultural activities, 


Institution: Tokyo Metropolitan Foundation for History and Culture
Founded: 1995
Type: Public Interest Incorporated Foundation
Location: Sumida, Tokyo

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