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Tenri University: Tenri University Sankokan Museum (天理大学附属 天理参考館)


General Information

Tenri University Sankokan Museum
250 Morimedo, Tenri, Nara 632-8540


About the Museum:

Established in 1930, Tenri University Sankokan Museum started as the "Overseas Reference Material Room" within the Tenri School of Foreign Languages.  The facility gained official recognition from the Japanese government as a museum in 1955. Their main collections are based on ethnographic and archeological materials. The museum stores ethnographic and archeological artifacts from all over the world.

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Summary of Collections

Permanent Exhibition:

Life and culture of the world ( first and second floor): Ethnographical materials from both overseas and within Japan as well as transportation-related items including:

  • Ainu: Handiworks nurtured by nature in northern Japan
  • Japan: Peoples' lives
  • Japan: Traffic in daily life
  • From Japan to North and South America: immigration and missionary work 
  • Korean Peninsula: Guideposts of traditional society
  • China and Taiwan: Happiness, wealth, long life 
  • China and Taiwan: Living by the waters
  • Taiwan Aborigines: Living with ancestors  

Antiquities of the world (third floor):  Archaeological materials collected from various area in Asia, including artifacts and relics from found along the Furu river in Tenri-shi.

  • The Furu Site (布留遺跡出土品)

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How to Use the Facility

Visiting the Museum 


  • Admission Fees: 400 yen (300 yen for adults in groups of 20 or more)

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