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Sumo Museum: Sumo Museum (相撲博物館)


General Information

Sumo Museum
First floor of The Ryogoku Kokugikan,
1-3-28 Yoko-ami
Sumida-ku, Tokyo 130-0015
10:00 -16:30 (last entry 16:00)
Saturday, Sunday, National Holidays, the installation period, 
Note: During the three Grand Sumo Tournaments held in Tokyo annually the museum is open every day but only to people actually attending the tournament.


About the Sumo Museum:

The Sumo Museum was opened in September 1954, but it was relocatd Ryogoku Kokugikan (両国国技館 Ryōgoku Kokugi-kan) upon the completion of the hall in 1985.  The museum collects and preserves a wide variety of materials relating to sumo wrestling and its history. The collection includes sumo Nishiki-e (multi-colored woodblock prints), sumo dolls, Banzuke (official ranking list) and Kesho-mawashi (the silk belt with a large heavily embroidered apron with thick tassels worn by upper ranked wrestlers). The displays of the exhibition changes six times each year. The museum also conduct research on sumo history as an integral part of Japanese culture.

Parent Institution

Institution: Japan Sumo Association
Founded: 1925
Type: Under the jurisdiction of the Japanese Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology
Location: Sumida, Tokyo

About the Japan Sumo Association

The Japan Sumo Association (日本相撲協会Nihon Sumō Kyōkai ) was officially founded in 1925, but the organization has existed since the Edo-period although the earlier form of the association differs from the association today.

Summary of Collection(s)

Collection Size:  

  • 3,700 Nishiki-e which depict sumo and its culture 

  • 500 sumo dolls


  • Photographs and woodblock prints, banzuke (official listings of rank) and the ceremonial aprons worn by the great rikishi, Sumo Wrestlers.

  • Exhibitions may vary.  The museum changes exhibition displays six times a year.

Note: The Guide uses the ALA/LC standard romanization, however, it also reflects different romanization system used by an individual institution.

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How to Use the Facility

Visiting the Museum


  • Admission Fee: Free

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