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Setagaya Arts Foundation: Setagaya Art Museum (世田谷美術館)


General Information

Setagaya Art Museum
 1-2 Kinuta-koen, Setagaya-ku, Tokyo 157-0075

10:00-18:00 (Last admission 17:30)

Mondays (Tuesday if Monday is a holiday),
New Year's Holidays.


About Setagaya Art Museum:

Setagaya Art Museum was opened on March 30, 1986.  Since its opening, the museum has provided various programs and events that are intended to connect art with everyday life in the community.  Setagawa Ward is a unique place where many artists reside, and therefore, the museum has introduced art works of the residents through research and collection activities. 

In addition, the museum has exhibited a wide range of art productions, from prehistoric to contemporary, by interacting with museums both inside and outside of Japan.  

Further more, the museum organizes a various programs related art and music, and films to a wide range of age groups by cooperating with members of local school and, "Setagaya Art Museum Friends (世田谷美術館友の会)",  and many volunteers.

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Setagaya Art Museum has 3 Annex buildings where celebrate 3 great artists who resided in Setagawa Ward, Mukai Junkichi, Kiyokawa Taiji and Miyamoto Sabruro.

Resources & Facilities

Summary of Collection(s)


Collection Size: about 10,000 items

Focus: Modern Art

Notable Collection(s):

  • Henri Rousseau "Portrait of Frumance Biche"
  • Jean-Michel Basquiat "See"
  • Max Ernst "Janus" (bronze image)
  • Joan Miro "Persona y pájaro (The person and a bird)" (bronze image)
  • Kusama Yayoi (草間彌生) "Kimiwa shishite ima [Now that you are dead (?)]"
  • Hasegawa Kiyoshi (長谷川潔) "Kijutsu(Magic)"
  • Yamashita Kiyoshi (山下清) "Banshū (Late autumn)"
  • Kataoka Tamako (片岡球子) "Tsuragamae [Surface Structure (?)]"
  • Yokoo Tadanori (横尾忠則) "Aoi Chinmoku [BlueSilence (?)]"
  • Photographs, particularly by Kineo Kuwabara and Kōji Morooka. 
  • Kitaoji  Rosanjin (北大路魯山人): 157 art works including calligraphy and bowls

Note: The Guide uses the ALA/LC standard romanization, however, it also reflects a different romanization system used by an individual institution or collection.

How to Use the Facility

Visiting the Museum


  • General Admission Fee:
General Admission
High School,
College Students
Elementary School
Senior (65+)
Individual 200 yen 150 yen 100 yen   100yen
Group 160 yen 120 yen 80 yen 80 yen
  • Special Admission fees vary depending on the exhibition.
  • There is discounted admission fee for a handicap.

Using the Library

Reading only

Prior to the Visit: No Advance Inquiry and Preparation Required

Upon Arrival:

  • Most library materials are stored in the closed stack room.
  • Please verify the desired material is available by using their library catalog and ask the library staff for further instructions. 

Accessing Rare Materials

Prior to the Visit: Advance Inquiry Required

  • Rare materials refer to hand written manuscripts and letters.
  • Please contact the library service representative at +81-3-5374-9111, at least one week prior to your visit.


  • Photocopy services are provided in accordance with Japanese copyright laws.
  • Photocopy may be prohibited depending on the condition of the library material.

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