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Research access guide for the Royal Ontario Museum.


About the Royal Ontario Museum:

Founded in 1912, the Royal Ontario Museum (ROM) officially opened to the public in 1914. Originally funded by both the government of Ontario and the University of Toronto, the museum still maintains a strong connection to the University of Toronto. The original building is still part of the museum today, used as its west wing.

Originally organized as five distinct museums, these were combined into a single museum in 1955, which was officially separated from the University of Toronto in 1968. A six-year renovation, begun in 1978 to accommodate the extended research and collection activities of the museum, was officially opened by Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth.

Most recently the museum had a major renovation and expansion in the early 2000s, with the new architectural design by Daniel Libeskind.

As one of the world's largest cultural and research institutions, the Royal Ontario Museum attracts over one million visitors per year.


Institution: Royal Ontario Museum
Founded: 1912
Type: museum
Location: Toronto, ON

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