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About Kokugakuin University:

Kokugakuin University  (國學院大学 Kokugakuin daigaku) began as the Office of Japanese Classic Research (皇典講究所 Kōten kōkyūjo) in 1882.  The main purpose of the institution was to regain and conserve traditional Japanese values thought to have been diluted by Western Cultural influences during the Meiji Period.

In 1920, it became Kokugakuin University.  Kokugakuin University is one of the few institutions where students can study to become Shinto Priests (神主 Kannushi ). There are 6 faculties: Letters, Economics, Law, Human Development, and Shinto Studies, and three graduate programs: Letters, Law, and Economics.  



Institution Kokugakuin University
Founded: 1920
Type: Private University
Location: Shibuya, Tokyo

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