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About the National Museum of Ethnology:

Founded in 1974 the National Museum of Ethnology (国立民族学博物館 or Minpaku 民博) has vast collections of ethnographic artifacts and audiovisual materials for research and education on different cultures and worldviews.

Minpaku faculty and research staff conduct research on many aspects of world cultures and societies, while also monitoring changes resulting from globalization.  Minpaku research findings are published, both in print and digital formats, are, exhibited in the Museum, and are the focus of lectures given locally, nationally and internationally.  Through museum exhibitions and publications, Minpaku is a great source of information for teaching and public education through face-to-face and online exhibitions and the publication of research findings.

Since April 2004, Minpaku has been a member of the National Institutes for the Humanities as a part of the Inter-University Research Institute Corporation.  Minpaku, as a research institute, explores human cultures using new concepts to transform the concept of exhibition, and by disseminating information in fresh, creative ways.


National Museum of Ethnology
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Osaka, Japan

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