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North American Coordinating Council on Japanese Library Resources (NCC): For Librarians


NCC offers Librarians networking opportunities, professional development, and support.

Cooperative Collection Development

To strengthen local and regional cooperative collection development to help maintain comprehensive North American holdings and to better enable institutions to refine their local collections.

Resource Sharing Committee (Formerly ILL-DD)

NCC’s Resource Sharing Committee (RSC) assists patrons looking specifically for Japanese-language materials from libraries in Japan, including Interlibrary Loan and/or Document Delivery service.

Digital Resources Committee

*On Hold While Restructuring* (Resources still available)

NCC’s Digital Resources Committee (DRC) is a database and digital scholarship liaison and support group for North American libraries and their users. DRC works to facilitate better digital and electronic access to Japanese information and wider utilization of digital tools and electronic resources in traditional and digital scholarship on Japan

Image Use Protocol

The field of Japanese studies increasingly relies on visual images as tools for education in North America. The Image Use Protocol Working Group (IUPWG) endeavors to educate our community about the protocol for obtaining access to, and permission for using, visual images from Japan to strengthen Japanese studies in North America.

Research Access

NCC's Online Guide to Research Access in Japan's major Museums, Libraries and Archives (MLAs) with links to their key Websites

Tadoku - Extensive Reading for Japanese as a Second Language (JSL) Learners

Tadoku is a teaching technique used in Japanese as a Second Language (JSL) instruction. NCC's tadoku guide provides a brief explanation of tadoku, a set of links to tadoku publishers and resources, and an annotated bibliography of scholarly articles and research on the subject.

Librarian Professional Development

The Librarian Professional Development Working Group (LPDWG) is an affiliated group, which succeeded the Librarian Professional Development Committee (LPDC) of the North American Coordinating Council on Japanese Library Resources (NCC).

Japan Art Catalog Project

Since 1995, the Japan Art Catalog Project (JAC) has facilitated access to Japanese art catalogs for art historians and the general public. The JAC Collection was established by ACE Japan (the Japan Association for Cultural Exchange) with the financial support of the Japan Foundation in collaboration with the NCC.

Japanese Research & Bibliographic Methods

A comprehensive 25-unit course in information literacy for undergraduates in Japanese studies, suitable for students with one year of language study (Look for new online tutorials on YouTube)

Multimedia History Project

NCC has facilitated the growth of the Japan Studies field in North America for the past 25 years. The Multimedia History Project Working Group (MHPWG) is a Participatory Engagement Project, which involves the whole community in building a “multimedia” history of key people involved in NCC and the development of the Japan Studies field.

Comprehensive Digitization and Discoverability Program

The objectives of the CDDP task force are to bring to light hidden, academically useful Japan-related materials through digitization; enable more robust use of these items by Japan scholars worldwide; promote collaboration nationally and internationally; foster training in developing digitization projects; and help to build an international infrastructure for digitized Japan-related materials

Multi-Volume Sets (MVS) Database

From 1992 until 2018, NCC helped build a national collection of Japanese research materials in the United States through its Multi-Volume Sets Project (MVS) with funding provided by the Japan-United States Friendship Commission (JUSFC) and supplemental support from Japan Publications Trading Company, Ltd. (JPT).

North American Coordinating Council on Japanese Library Resources
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