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Smithsonian Institution: Smithsonian Institution

Research access guide for the Smithsonian Institution.

General Information

Facility: Smithsonian Institution
Jefferson Drive SW
Washington, D.C. 20004
Phone: (202) 633-4880
Hours: Hours of operation

About the Institution:

Founded in 1846, the Smithsonian Institution is a comprised of 19 museums, one zoo, and 9 research centers.

For more information about the Japanese collections, please contact the institution at (202) 633-1000 or by email.

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Summary of Collection

Collection size: as of July 2014

The Smithsonian Institution's collections include over 137 millions items, including artifacts, works of art, and natural specimens. Approximately 127 million items are held by the National Museum of Natural History. Over 137,000 cubic feet of archival material is also held by the Archives of the Smithsonian.



The archives of the Smithsonian Institution include over 137,000 cubic feet of archival material, including over 140 collections amounting 1,000 linear feet of material pertaining to Asian art.

Digital database including over 8.6 million records pertaining to the items held by the Smithsonian Institution. More than 1.2 million records contain online images, video and sound files, or other online resources.

How to Use the Facility

Using the Collections

For information on how to use the collections of the separate Smithsonian Institution museums and research centers, please visit their individual websites, which can be selected from the list here.

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