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Multi-Volume Sets Project (MVS): Qualified Materials

Please note: As of March 13, 2019, the Multi-Volume Sets Project will be discontinued and replaced with a new grant program (in progress). Click on the "New Project" tab below for more details!

High Price Titles List

Here is a list of high price titles published in or before 2011. This is only an example of MVS qualified titles costwise.

Please verify yourself that there is no or only one circulating copy availalbe in the United States of the titles you may select from the list for MVS grants.

Survey Results from Cooperative Collection Development Working Group

MVS Qualified Materials

(a).    Qualified materials must be imprints relevant to Japanese studies that cost in excess of ¥100,000 Japanese yen. There is no ceiling price.

(b).    Qualifying materials must be fully published at least two years prior to the MVS Award year; therefore for 2015-2016 they must have been published before the end of calendar year 2013. As for very large sets, of which sections are published in a discrete sub-set such as 1-ki or 1-yunitto, individual sub-sets qualify for MVS funding providing the applicant makes a commitment to purchase the rest of the entire sub-sets when they are published and become available. The Committee looks favorably on such major purchases, and when funds are available, may support the applicant’s commitment to acquire full sets.

(c).    Qualified materials must be important for research and teaching.

(d).    Preference is given to materials in new and emerging areas of scholarship not widely represented in current North American collections.

(e).    Important research and teaching materials in Japanese and other languages may also be considered while MVS principally funds Japanese language materials.

(f).    Second-hand materials may qualify for MVS funding provided a letter of assurance from the vendor is submitted:

  • The vendor assures the availability of the materials pending the MVS grant decision.
  • The vendor assures the physical condition of the materials is fit for ILL circulation.

(g).    Electronic materials such as videocassettes, DVDs and CD-ROMs may qualify for MVS funding provided a copy of the licensing agreement from the publisher is submitted:

  • The term clearly states the publisher allows the materials to circulate freely through interlibrary loan in accordance with the MVS guidelines.

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