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Japanese Research & Bibliographic Methods for Undergraduates: Useful Tools

A full curriculum for students in undergraduate programs who have studied at least one year of Japanese.

Citation Tools

The Writing Lab & The OWL at Purdue
Purdue University -- West Lafayette, Indiana
Dedicated to helping students conduct, write, cite, and present research. Covers APA, MLA, and Chicago styles. Explains the broader concepts of why style matters and how proper formatting is important to the academic community.

University Library -- University at Albany
Albany, New York
Specific examples of how to cite even the most esoteric information sources. Organized in a hierarchical tree structure, locating example citations is easy and effective. Explanations are sparse but compliments the OWL's on general citation.

Center for History & New Media
George Mason University -- Fairfax, Virginia
University Library -- Georgia State University
by Jason Puckett
Powerful citation management software. Freely available and completely integrates into the Firefox web browser. The initial learning curve is steep due to the sheer range of options and capabilities. After getting over the initital hump however, students will have a powerful tool for organizing their research materials. Register on the Zotero website to sync citations with the cloud.

Japanese Language Tools

Created by Jim Breen -- Adjunct Senior Research Fellow
Monash University -- Melbourne, Australia

Jim Breen's work is responsible for the freely available dictionary files that serve as the basis for many online Japanese dictionaries. No list of resources on studying Japanese is complete without aknowleding his contributions to the field of Japanese Language Studies.

Created by Kim Ahlström
Based onJIm Breen's work with EDICT 

Uses the same dictionary files as Jim Breen's page but with a much more user friendly interface. Though deceptively simple looking, the range of options and cross references is expansive.

This browser plugin produces a small window when hovering over a Japanese word that contains dictionary definitions. Like most free services online for Japanese language studies it is based off Jim Breen's EDICT project. Extremely useful with services like Aozora Bunko, though students may come to over-rely on it.

An unconventional advanced online dictionary. The database is a collection of translations from various sources. It's purpose is for understanding grammar patterns, collocations, and word usage, as well as grasping the more nuanced meanings of Japanese vocabulary.

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