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Conference 3-D: Project Development Timelines

Agenda, speakers and recommendations of NCC's Third Decade Conference, 3-D, March 2010

History of the NCC

NCC Organization

Elected Council MembersOrganizational RepresentativesEmployees
Chair, DRC Chair, LPDC Co-chair, ILL/DD Co-chair, Web TF Co-chair 

Japan Liaison 

Humanities faculty 

Social Sciences faculty
Library of Congress 


Executive Director 

Administrative Assistant 


Bilingual Associates 

Other office staff

Major NCC Accomplishments Since Year 2000 Conference

MVS and Other Cooperative Collection Efforts:

  • Created MVS Database in 2003
  • MVS Database became fully searchable with OPAC links from 2005
  • Prescreening Option instituted in 2003
  • Expanded application criteria to include used materials in 2007
  • Fully Online Application Process since 2009
  • Small Collections Catagory created in 2010
  • Continues to emphasize the need for diversity and support of emerging scholarship
  • Cooperative Collections Working Group formed 2010

Digital Resources and User Access Services: Expanded from efforts to help Isolated and Underserved

  • Consortial Licensing Task Force created in 2000 

    AskEASL online reference guide created through NCC-CEAL Collaboration discontinued 2008
  • Digital Resources Committee (DRC) made a standing committee of NCC in 2003
  • User Education Services
        Training the Trainers Workshop held in 2004 and 2005
        User Training Workshops held Internationally 2005-2008
    E-Resources Initiatives Website since 2006
  • IUP Workshops held to train users 2009-2010

Global ILL Framework Pilots Launched after Y 2000

  • CULCON Information Access Working Group recommends ILL Collaboration (1996)
  • AAU/ARL/NCC collaboration established 1997
  • Japan-US ILL Pilot Project 2001-2002
  • Global ILL Framework created under AAU/ARL/NCC collaboration
  • Global ILL Framework independent since 2004 (over 240 institutional members)
  • GIF managed by a collaboration between NCC ILL/DD Committee and JANUL GIF Project Team
  • North American Committee includes teams of ILL and East Asian studies Librarians
  • New Finders Guide for Japanese Libraries URL
  • GIF LibGuides (link)

Training for Users and Librarians

  • 2002: Junior Librarians Training Seminar
  • 2004-05: T-3 (Training the Trainers)
  • 2005-2010: 60+ E-Resources Workshops for Users Internationally
  • 2007-09: Japanese Antiquarian Materials Workshop for Overseas Librarians
  • 2009-2010: Image Use Protocol Workshops held internationally
  • 2010-Librarian Professional Development Working Group
  • 2012 Junior Japanese Studies Librarians Training Seminar at University of Toro

Ongoing Services Created through Faculty/User Demand:

  • Image Use Protocol Task Force (since 2007) created Image Use Website (link)
  • Faculty Forum Series (2009-10)
  • Guide to Scholars (since 2010)
  • Team-Building (since 2010, expanding from the Faculty Forum Series)
  • Disaster Preparedness Working Group

NCC Funders 
Japan-US Friendship Commission

Japan Foundation Center for Global Partnership

Japan-US Friendship Commission 
Japan Foundation Center for Global Partnership
Reischauer Institute of Japanese Studies at Harvard University 
Toshiba International Foundation 
Many other universities & grant organizations

North American Coordinating Council on Japanese Library Resources
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