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Japanese Library Studies Multimedia History Project: In Memoriam

Naomi Fukuda


NAOMI FUKUDA was born in Japan in 1907. She graduated from Tokyo Women’s Christian College in 1929 with a major in English language. Fukuda assisted Robert Reischauer (brother of Edwin O. Reischauer) with his research, and in 1936, with Reischauer’s help, she obtained a Barbour Scholarship to study at the University of Michigan. She received a BA with Distinction in History from the University of... (Read More)

Donald Keene


DONALD LAWRENCE KEENE was born in New York on June 18, 1922. He received his Bachelor’s degree from Columbia University in 1942, where he first encountered Japanese literature in translation. He studied Japanese language at the U.S. Navy Japanese Language School in Colorado and served as an intelligence officer and Navy interpreter in the Pacific during World War II. He returned to Columbia after... (Read More)

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