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Advancing Digital Scholarship in Japanese Studies: Innovations and Challenges: Home

A two-day workshop on doing digital scholarship across the disciplines in Japanese Studies

Workshop Schedule


Advancing Digital Scholarship in Japanese Studies: Innovations and Challenges

Friday, November 6 & Saturday, November 7, 2015

Belfer Case Study Room (S020), CGIS South Building, 1730 Cambridge St.

Harvard University

The goals of this workshop are to present innovative uses of digital scholarship in our field, to share experience among those who have created such successful digital projects, and to recommend ways that the North American Coordinating Council on Japanese Library Resources (NCC)  can create online resources to help novices develop new digital projects.

The Advancing Digital Scholarship in Japanese Studies: Innovations and Challenges Workshop is organized by NCC with the assistance of the Reischauer Institute of Japanese Studies at Harvard University. NCC gratefully acknowledges support from the Japan-U.S. Friendship Commission, the Toshiba International Foundation, and the Northeast Asia Council of the Association for Asian Studies (AAS) in sustaining its programs.


9:00       Welcoming Remarks and Workshop Overview:  

Kuniko Yamada McVey, NCC Chair and Theodore C. Bestor, Professor of Social Anthropology and Japanese Studies Director, Reischauer Institute of Japanese Studies, Harvard University

Session 1: The Digital Landscape: GIS for Humanists

9:20     Re-envisioning “Traditional” Scholarship Through Geographical Information Systems Examples across the Disciplines: 

Merrick Lex Berman, Center for Geographical Analysis, Harvard University


YouTube demo: Manchukuo WorldMap Editing Demonstration
Example webmaps:,
Digital Research Tool Example:

10:00   Hacking Haiku:  Using New Digital Technologies to re-imagine Traditional Japanese Poetry

Cheryl Crowley, Associate Professor of Japanese Literature, Emory University, and

Brian Croxall, Digital Scholarship Librarian, Brown University


10:45     Roundtable on GIS:

Michelle Damian (Harvard University), Lex Berman, Cheryl Crowley, Brian Croxall


Session 2: Innovations and Research in the Social Sciences

12:45     Doing Digital Scholarship in the Social Sciences:  

Yusaku Horiuchi, Mitsui Professor of Japanese Studies, Dartmouth College 


1:30     Digital Platforms for all scholars:

Christopher Erdmann, Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics (CfA) Library


2:05     Discussion:  Catching Political Trends Through Digital Scholarship:

Panelists: Yusaku Horiuchi; Daniel Smith (Harvard University), and Christopher Erdmann


Session 3: Creating and Sustaining Image Collections/Databases Over Time

3:15       Growing the East Asia Image Collection over a Decade:

Paul Barclay and Eric Luhrs, Lafayette College



4:05       Discussion: From Shoebox to Online Showcase:

How to build a Digital Image Collection

Paul Barclay, Eric Luhrs, Theodore Bestor, and Kuniko McVey



Session 4: The Infrastructural Underpinnings of Digital Scholarship

9:00       Towards a Scalable Digital Library of Pre-Modern Chinese: 

Donald Sturgeon, Fellow, Fairbank Center for Chinese Studies, Harvard University


9:45       Digital Archiving in Real Time: Growing the JDA

Ryo Morimoto, Project Manager, Japan Digital Archive of the 2011 Disasters, Harvard University


10:30     Creating the Museum of Underwater Archeology:

Kurt Knoerl, Director, Museum of Underwater Archeology, and Michelle Damian, Postdoctoral Fellow, Reischauer Institute, Harvard University


11:15     Roundtable Discussion:  Creating and sustaining born digital museums and collections

Ryo Morimoto, Kurt Knoerl, Michelle Damian, and Donald Sturgeon

Session 5: Food for Thought

1:00       Transnational Issues in Intellectual Property and Access to Digital Resources: 

NCC Workshop.pdf

Alexander Zahlten, Harvard University

1:25      Overview of DARTH (Digital Arts & Humanities at Harvard University) Christopher Morse, Research Computing Specialist


1:40     Open Discussion: Participants share their thoughts and experiences

moderated by Paul Barclay and Eric Luhrs

2:30       Wrap Up and Recommendations for Future Directions for NCC:

Kuniko Yamada McVey, NCC Chair, Setsuko Noguchi, NCC Chair-elect, and

Victoria Lyon Bestor, NCC Executive Director


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