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Art Institute of Chicago: The Japanese Collection

The Art Institute of Chicago

General Information

Institution: Art Institute of Chicago
Address: 111 South Michigan Avenue, Chicago, IL 60603
Phone: (312) 443-3600
About the Museum of the Art Institute of Chicago:

The Museum of the Art Institute of Chicago was one of the original branches of the Institute, founded in 1879, focused on the fine arts. Its collection, which began with nothing more than plaster casts, has expanded to over 300,000 works of art. The building itself has gone through eight major expansions.

Online Resources

  • Interpretive Resources
    Different online tools made available through the Art Institute of Chicago website to foster understanding of its various collections.
  • Collection Updates
    Webpage that lists gallery closures, artworks off view, and other information that may affect a visit to the museum.
  • My Collections
    A feature introduced to the online catalog at the Art Institute of Chicago, My Collections allows users to create personal digital collections of artwork available online.
  • Research Guides
    Guides developed by the Art Institute of Chicago to assist researchers in beginning their work. These includes guides on researching art or artists, researching a work from the museum collection, finding the value of art and books, book preservation, and more.

Summary of Collection

Japanese Collection size:

  • 3,600 prints, paintings, drawings, etc.
  • 50 vessels, sculptures, etc.
  • 70 miscellaneous pieces (books, religious artifacts, architectural fragments, etc.)
  • Total collection size: approximately 3,750 items.

Much of their Japanese collection is easily viewed online through their digital collections and is a great resource for teaching and research. 

Online catalog:

Digital Collections

Digitized images of the Japanese collection at the museum of the Art Institute of Chicago. Browsable by: on display, not on display, images, interpretive resources, artist or culture, collection category, and object type. Searchable by: keyword, artist or culture, title, accession number, collection category, and type.

The Art Institute's online collections allow free access to over 68,000 works, as well as basic information about them. These can be browsed by collection, or searched by keyword, artist, culture, title, accession number, collection category, or type.

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