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Notable Japanese Collections Working Group: About Notable Japanese Collections Working Group


Launched in February 2022, the digital project, the Notable Japanese Collections in North America (NJC), offers an online database and visualization tool that helps identify, describe, locate, and promote rare or distinctive collections.  Designed to simplify the process of discovery and access, the NJC Working Group will continue this project, filling a gap in library and digital resource services and supporting scholars, curators, and other information professionals. The long term aim of the Working Group  is to continue maintaining, promoting, and developing this online dashboard as a comprehensive directory of all notable materials (including unprocessed or partially processed collections) in North America.

The Working Group will pursue activities that support the long term objective of developing and sustaining a comprehensive online database of all notable Japanese materials in North America. In pursuing this objective, its activities will include

  • Developing, updating, and maintaining the online dashboard in ways that sustainably enhance the discoverability of notable Japanese collections

  • Pursuing strategies and initiatives to build a comprehensive listing  of collections in the dashboard. 

  • Collaborating with colleagues in NCC and beyond, including recruiting similarly motivated members and consultants, as needed.

  • Promoting awareness about the dashboard through strategic communications such as listserv announcements, conference presentations, and professional publications.

Current Members

Yukari Sugiyama, Yale University (Co-chair)

Dr. Ann Marie Davis, The Ohio State University (Co-Chair)

Katherine Matsuura, Stanford University


The NJC Dashboard project was first conceived in early 2021 by a subgroup of the NCC Digital Resources Committee (DRC).  When the subgroup first convened, it considered developing a web-based map that focused on digital collections.  In compiling data for the dashboard, it partnered early on with colleagues in the NCC Cooperative Collection Development Working Group (CCDWG), which had already developed a robust database of print and digital collections in 2017.  Together the collaboration revised the CCDWG survey in anticipation of linking it to the NJC Dashboard and put out a new call for submissions from resource specialists of Japan Studies. Within a few months, their survey had garnered over thirty entries including print, electronic, processed or unprocessed collections. This significant dataset became the foundation for a comprehensive list for the dashboard map and directory.

For more information about the project, read Visualizing an Online Database for Notable Japanese Collections in North America (Digital Orientalist, Mar 2022).

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