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2022 NCC Virtual Open Meeting: Home

Open Meeting Recording

The video recording of NCC's 2022 Virtual Open Meeting is available below in its entirety. If you would like to reference specific segments of the meeting, please take a look at the Agenda, which includes timestamps that link to each corresponding section of the video. 

NCC also welcomes any feedback you might have based on any of the Open Meeting segments HERE.

2022 NCC Open Meeting Presentation


Presentation Agenda
0:00 - 4:36

Welcome Remarks

- Ongoing work on NCC's restructuring

Fabiano Takashi Rocha

NCC Chair

4:37 - 6:10

Membership Changes

- New chairs; Working Group and Task Force membership; Thanks

Fabiano Rocha

6:11 - 12:50

Membership Task Force Update


Jack Stoneman

Chair, Membership Task Force

12:51 - 16:40

Fundraising Task Force Status Update 

Fabiano Rocha

(On behalf of Steve Witt, Fundraising Task Force Chair)

16:41 - 28:00

DRC Dashboard Presentation

- Introducing the Notable Japanese Collections in North America Dashboard (a project of the Digital Resources Committee)

Ann Marie Davis, Katherine Matsuura, and Yukari Sugiyama (Co-Chair)

Digital Resources Committee Members

28:01 - 39:34

Spotlight Series and Social Media Engagement

- NCC's Digital Media Manager and her work on numerous initiatives to increase NCC's visibility in the Japanese Studies community

Paula R. Curtis

Digital Media Manager

39:35 - 57:29

NCC Report, Updates, Future Plans

- Including Committee, Working Group, and Task Force Updates

Tara McGowan

NCC Executive Director

57:30 - 1:01:10

Acknowledgments and Closing Remarks

- NCC's funders, individual supporters, outgoing members; Community involvement opportunities

Fabiano Rocha

North American Coordinating Council on Japanese Library Resources
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