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Publishing in English: Production Team

An upcoming guide to English-language publication for Japanese scholars


Executive Editors

​Keiko Ikeda
Professor of Anthropology
Doshisha University


Jordan Sand
Professor of History
Georgetown University


Advisory Team (Alphabetical)

Victoria Lyon Bestor
NCC Executive Director 
Associate, Reischauer Institute, Harvard University

Kate Wildman Nakai  
Professor, Japanese History 
Sophia University (Retired)
Former Editor, Monumenta Nipponica

Roger Haydon
Executive Editor
Cornell University Press

Lynne E. Riggs
Chief Editor, Translator, Director
Center for Intercultural Communication

Paul Kratoska
Publishing Director
NUS Press
Former Editor, Journal of Southeast Asian Studies

​Fabiano Rocha
Japanese Studies Librarian
University of Toronto
Chair, NCC Image Use Protocol Working Group

​Kuniko Yamada McVey
Japanese Collection Librarian
Harvard-Yenching Library
Chair, NCC

​Keiko Yokota-Carter
Japanese Studies Librarian
University of Michigan
Past Chair, NCC

Jennifer H. Munger
Managing Editor
The Journal of Asian Studies



Project Coordinator

Anna Wada

Production Editor and Translator



Publishing in English Guide Funders

Generous support for this project has been received from The Japan-US Friendship Commission, the Toshiba International Foundation, and the Reischauer Institute of Japanese Studies at Harvard University,
which has become a partner with NCC in completing this project. ​


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