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Publishing in English: Useful Links

An upcoming guide to English-language publication for Japanese scholars

Useful Links

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Scholarly Publishing 

Scholarly Writing & Reading 

Searching for New Publications 

Scholarly Communication

Publishing Statistics 

Measuring Research Impact 



Scholarly Publishing 

  • Scholarly Publishing, University of Iowa Libraries
    A LibGuide by the University of Iowa Libraries on the scholarly publishing process and challenges that scholars face along the way. "The scholarly publishing system includes the process of creating and evaluating scholarly content, disseminating it to the scholarly community, and preserving it for future use. One of the fundamental purposes of the system of scholarly publishing is to facilitate inquiry and the creation of new knowledge. The majority of scholars pursue their research and disseminate the results with little or no expectation of direct financial reward."

Scholarly Writing / Reading

  • Overcome Kishotenketsu to Improve your Communication with Americans, Japan Intercultural Consulting, January 21, 2013. 
    Founded in 2010, Dissertation Reviews is a new site that features overviews of recently defended, unpublished doctoral dissertations in a wide variety of disciplines across the Humanities and Social Sciences. 
  • Joann Temple Bennett, "Not to Say is Better than To Say: How Rhetorical Structure Reflects Cultural Context in Japanese-English Technical Writing," IEEE Transactions on Professional Communication (Vol 31, No 31), Sept 1988.
    Abstract: Japanese rhetorical structure addresses an underlying communication goal that is very different from the goal of Aristotle's persuasive discourse. This fundamental differnce in approachign the problem of writing often produces confusing results - as many who deal with Japanese-generated technical writing have experienced.

  • How to Read a Scholarly Article Video Tutorial, University of Western Ontario Libraries.
    Provies an Overview of the peer review process, finding the impact factor of a journal on online databases, and using citation management tools.

  • What Does it Mean to Read? Lauren's Library Blog, December 31, 2013. 
    An article on rading as academic practice by Lauren Pressley, Associate Director of Learning and Outreach and Associate Professor and at Virginia Tech University Libraries.

  • Enago: 英語論文執筆者のための英文校正サービス

Searching for New Publications 

  • Dissertation Reviews
    Founded in 2010, Dissertation Reviews is a new site that features overviews of recently defended, unpublished doctoral dissertations in a wide variety of disciplines across the Humanities and Social Sciences. 

Scholarly Communication 

  • Scholarly Communication, University of California Berkeley Library.
  • Gerald Graff and Cathy Birkenstein, They Say I Say: The Moves That Matter in Academic Writing (2006), ISBN: 978-0-393-92409-1 
    While the title indicates writing, it is really about scholarly conversation and how to use the voices of others in the conversation. It has many examples of how to paraphrase, disagree with the author, etc., using your own voice and with the help of some templates provided.

  • Joseph Harris, Rewriting: How To Do Things With Texts.
    "What are the moves that an academic writer makes? How does writing as an intellectual change the way we work from sources? In Rewriting, a textbook for the undergraduate classroom, Joseph Harris draws the college writing student away from static ideas of thesis, support, and structure, and toward a more mature and dynamic understanding. Harris wants college writers to think of intellectual writing as an adaptive and social activity, and he offers them a clear set of strategies—a set of moves—for participating in it.

  • Glossary of Scholarly Communication Terms, University of Iowa Libraries

Publishing Statistics

  • JST (Japan Science and Technology Agency) 激変する科学論文勢力図「中国の台頭」,(Japanese)
    Lists statistics and visuals on the changing publishing landscape for scientific articles in the Asian region. Demonstrates the decreasing rate and number of publication in Japan, compared to other countries such as China and Korea.

Measuring Research Impact 
(From Scholarly Publishing Resources, University of Iowa Libraries)

  • altmetrics: an expanded view of scholarly impact, taking into account social media and the web. 
  • Eigenfactor: a rating of the importance of a scientific journal. In a manner similar to Google's PageRank algorithm, journals are rated according to the number of incoming citations, with citations from highly-ranked journals weighted to make a larger contribution to the eigenfactor than those from poorly-ranked journals.
  • West, Jevin et al. The Eigenfactor Metrics: A Network Approach to Assessing Scholarly JournalsCollege & Research Libraries 71 no. 3, (May 2010) p. 236-44.
  • H-index: an impact factor of individual scientists, rather than journals. Developed by J.E. Hirsch from University of California San Diego. Read Hirsch's article: An index to quantify an individual's scientific research outputPNAS 102 no. 46 (Nov. 2005).
  • ISI Impact Factor: a measure reflecting the average number of citations to articles published in science and social science journals indexed by ISI. Visit Journal Citation Reports on the Web  (available to University of Iowa affiliates only)
  • SCImago Journal Rank: an open access journal metric which is based on journals indexed in Elsevier's Scopus and uses an algorithm similar to Google's PageRank.

Electronic Publishing 

Start-up Websites for Publishing is a platform for researchers to share and upload their own academic papers with each other. They do recommend  that the author first check with their publisher before posting an article on the site (see their Copyright Policy FAQ). While the site has a .edu domain, it is not affiliated with an academic institution, and it is difficult to know if authors and contributors are genuine researchers of credible status.  It has been described as being more of a "a social networking site for academics." See articles below on recent discussions surrounding the website, and responses by journal publishers. 

Author's Rights / Copyright

Open Access
(Reference: Scholarly Publishing, University of Iowa Libraries)

What is Open Access? 

Articles and Books on Open Access


Image Use Guides

These links provide general guidelines for the use of images in the U.S.

Fair Use/Fair Dealing

 US Copyright

US Copyright and Fair Use in Education and Research

  • Copyright on Campus (Copyright Clearance Center) [information video ; 6 mins.]
    • A great educational video that illustrates copyright and fair use in academic settings
  • The Campus Guide to Copyright Compliance (Copyright Clearance Center)
    • Designed for academic institutions, this guide helps answer questions ranging from basic copyright law to the more complex topics of ILL and e-reserves.

Canadian Copyright

Japanese Copyright

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