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Publishing in English: Articles

An upcoming guide to English-language publication for Japanese scholars


Click on the titles below to read articles by Paul H. Kratoska, Publishing Director of NUS Press, on scholarly publishing. The articles are part of the "Publishing Matters" column in the AAS Newsletter.

“Publishing Matters” is a regular feature in the Asian Studies Newsletter intended to provide information on scholarly publishing with particular reference to Asian studies. Communications should be sent to Paul Kratoska at Opinions expressed in “Publishing Matters” are those of the authors alone and do not reflect official opinion or policy of the AAS.

A Digital "Tipping Point" for Academic Books? (55:3, 2010)

Why Are (Some) Academic Books So Expensive? (56:3, 2011)

Open Access and Academic Publishing in Asia (56:4, 2011)

Submitting Articles to Academic Journals: Avoiding Common Errors (57:2, 2012)

National-language and English-language Publishing in Asia (57:3, 2012)

What Do Publishers Add to a Manuscript? (57:4, 2012)

Not-for-Profits and Academic Publishing (58:2, 2013)

The Peculiar Business of Scholarly Publishing (58:4, 2013)

Open Access Means Free; What's Not to Like? (59:1, 2014)

Citation Example: “Publishing Matters” column by Paul Kratoska. From the Asian Studies Newsletter, Volume (volume number):(issue number). Published (Date) by the Association for Asian Studies,

Cultural Context in Japanese-English Technical Writing

Dennett, Joann Temple. "Not to Say is Better than to Say: How Rhetorical Structure Reflects Cultural Context in Japanese-English Technical Writing." IEEE Transactions on Professional Communication 31 (Sept 1988): 116-119.

Abstract: Japanese rhetorical structure addresses an underlying communication goal that is very different from the goal of Aristotle's persuasive discourse. This fundamental difference in approaching the problem of writing often produces confusing results - as many who deal with Japanese-generated technical writing have experienced.

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