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Publishing in English: Overview

An upcoming guide to English-language publication for Japanese scholars


This section provides a list of resources related to English-language publication.  

(Add selection criteria, frequency of updates, method of accepting suggestions. Below is placeholder text from IUP site)


Collected websites and Internet resources provide users with further information on copyright in the North America and Japan. This includes legal issues of copyright and guidelines to image use provided by government offices, universities, libraries, and non-profit organizations. In addition, some resources providing image data are included to assist in legally using images from Japan for research and educational purposes.

Selections criteria

 When selecting websites and Internet resources for the IUP list of useful links, we followed general selection criteria including authorship, accuracy, currency, targeted audience, purposes of the information, navigation, etc. In addition, special consideration is applied when selecting image resources, evaluating the image data provided and the procedures/guidelines of how to use images.


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