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Multi-Volume Sets Project (MVS): MVS Grant Application

Please note: As of March 13, 2019, the Multi-Volume Sets Project will be discontinued and replaced with a new grant program (in progress). Click on the "New Project" tab below for more details!

MVS Grant Application

--- Application ---

      Please fill out an application form below for each title of your request. Please compile the filled out application form and required supporting documents as enunciated below for each title in one PDF file, and submit this completed grant application package as an email attachment to: mvs2017-18application at nccjapan dot net by January 15, 2018. You will receive a confirmation email within 24 hours upon submission.


--- Required Supporting Documents ---

(a).   A narrative of a maximum of two-pages which makes reference to: the strength of the institution's collection; its ability to catalog materials promptly and fully into a national database; the potential use of materials by local faculty and students and by the national scholarly community; justification of the value of the requested title to the national body of Japanese resources; university or other institutional support for the Japanese collection (if support for the purchase of a partial set is requested, plans to purchase the remaining portion should be outlined); and confirmation that the materials will circulate to any user inside the United States through interlibrary loan.

(b).   Brochures or other printed information about the materials as well as relevant supporting communication from the publisher and/or vendor to prove the availability of the copy and its price, if available.

(c).   Supporting letters:               

  • Ultimately, the strength of faculty support letters that fully address the teaching and research needs for the materials are often the deciding factor in whether a request is funded or not. 
  • Support letters from relevant officers, such as the heads of the cataloging unit, collection development budget division, and interlibrary loan services, are critical to a successful application. 
  • Evidence of resource sharing will also greatly enhance an application. Letters of support from faculty at nearby institutions that will make use of the requested materials are strongly encouraged. Also please note your institution's participation in regional or statewide consortia that further facilitate access to MVS and other materials within your collection.
  • For joint applications, evidence of shared responsibility for purchasing, cataloging, and interlibrary loan of the materials must be clearly specified in the supporting letters from relevant officers.

(d).   An electronic copy of the print-out from a search of the national databases, print and electronic, of possible holdings at other institutions must be submitted as evidence that the set is not held in the United States. Applicants should also ascertain the availability or unavailability of currently held items through normal interlibrary borrowing procedures.

(e).   If applying for digital materials, the application must include a copy of the licensing agreement showing the publisher’s permission for the materials to freely circulate through interlibrary loan. See a letter template (e).

(f).   If applying for second-hand materials, the application must include a letter from the vendor promising to hold the materials pending the MVS Grant decision and affirming the physical condition of the materials to allow their full circulation through interlibrary loan. See a letter template (f).

Application Form and Letter Templates

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