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Information Literary Resources: Newspapers


Kristina Troost, PhD
Course: Research Methods in Japanese Studies, 2005 Spring,
Duke University



Full-text Yomiuri newspaper from 1984 to the present. On trial till March.

Newspaper information on CDs

The East Asian Collection has the following newspapers on CD.

  1. Nihon nishikie shinbun shūsei -- Includes approximately 800 color images from 31 newspapers in a searchable database. Late Bakumatsu - early Meiji
  2. Yomiuri shinbun: Meiji, Taisho, Showa senzen (sengo is coming)
  3. Asahi shinbun sengo midashi detabesu (1945-1999)

Print Newspaper Sources

Japanese Newspaper Collections

  1. Meiji nyūsu jiten. 明治ニュース事典
  2. Taishō nyūsu jiten. 大正ニュース事典
  3. Shōwa nyūsu jiten. 昭和ニュース事典。
  4. Gaikoku shinbun ni miru Nihon : kokusai nyūsu jiten 外国新聞に見る日本 : 国際ニュース事典

Newspaper Extras

  1. Gogai Meiji Shi 1868 1912
  2. Gogai Taisho Shi 1912 1926
  3. Gogai Showa Shi 1926-1935
  4. Gogai Showa shi 1936 1945
  5. Gogai sengoshi

Collections of Newspaper Clippings from Current Newspapers

  1. Gekkan josei jōhō 月刊女性情報; Duke has 1993-to date
    Reprints of newspaper articles classified by such topics as feminism, sexuality, labor, politics, management, aging society, children, culture sports. Each issue covers one month
  2. Shinbun daijesuto 新聞ダイジェスト; Duke has 1996 to date
    Reprints of articles from the Asahi, Nikkei, Mainichi and Yomiuri organized by subject. Includes a summary of important events by day and important issues in a given month; also includes occasional editorials. Occasional special issues on one topic.

Compilations of Newspaper Clippings

  1. Shinbun shūsei Meiji hennenshi. 新聞集成明治編年史。
  2. Shinbun shūsei Shōwa hennenshi. 新聞集成昭和編年史

Newspaper Indexes and Yearbooks

  1. Asahi shinbun kiji soran 朝日新聞記事総覧 refers to pages in Shukusatsuban
  2. Asahi shinbun shukusatsuban 朝日新聞縮刷版-- has an index at the beginning of each month
  3. Asahi nenkan. 朝日年鑑.

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