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Information Literary Resources: Art History

Art History

Kristina Troost, PhD
Course: Research Methods in Japanese Studies, 2005 Spring,
Duke University


Kindai Nihon bijutsu jiten

Kindai Nihon bijutsu jiten / kanshū Kawakita Michiaki ; [shippitsu Miwa Hideo, Satō Dōshin, Yamanashi Mieko]
近代日本美術事典 / 監修河北倫明 ; [執筆三輪英夫, 佐藤道信, 山梨絵美子].
Tōkyō : Kōdansha, 1989. 東京 : 講談社, 1989.

Tokyo Bunkazai Kenkyujo

Includes Bijutsu kenkyu, one of the two most important journals in Japanese art history published in Japan. The Journal of Art Studies published by Tobunken carries monograms, research materials, commentaries on plates, and other information pertaining to Japanese and East Asian art, and Western art related to modern and contemporary Japanese art. The website has the tables of contents and long abstracts in English. Click on publications.

Private bunko (archives) in special collections at Waseda

See, in particular:

Shoyo bunko (Bunko 6) *Library of Tsubouchi Shoyo

Derived from the library of TSUBOUCHI Shoyo 1859-1935), Emeritus Professor of Waseda and one of the most important figures of modern Japanese literature. Tsubouchi is renowned for his complete translation of the works of William Shakespeare, to name just one of his great contributions. Among the books Tsubouchi owned, those on theater are in possession of the Tsubouchi Memorial Theatre Museum of Waseda, while the Municipal Library of Atami City received a donation of the geographical books from his collection. And "Kokugeki Kojokai” (Association for Advancement of Japanese Theatre) donated the rest of 5082 volumes (1258 in Western languages) to Waseda University Library in 1949.

Nishigaki bunko (Bunko 10)

*Books on newspapers/journalism, advertising leaflets and posters. Collected by NISHIGAKI Buichi (1901-1967), alumnus of Waseda and owner of an advertising agency, who also founded and led “Nihon Shinbun Shiryo Kyokai” (“Association for the Newspaper Resources”). This was an initiative for preservation of newspaper materials in Japan. The collection is composed of books on newspapers and journalism as well as non-book materials (advertising leaflets and posters etc.), with a total of 12069 items (therein 119 volumes of Western books). His bereaved family donated the collection to Waseda in 1968. Thanks to this collection, the Library could hold the exhibition “Bakumatsu Meiji no media ten: shinbun nishikie hikifuda” (“The media of the late Edo and Meiji periods: newspapers, color prints and handbills”) with a great success in 1987 and 1988. Its illustrated catalog appeared in 1987 (by Waseda Daigaku Shuppanbu).

Museum Information

Kamakura and Hayama museum collection database online

The collection of the Museum, built over more than half a century since its founding, currently contains approximately 9,500 items, including approximately 650 modern Japanese oil paintings, 2,300 watercolor paintings and drawings, 280 sculptures, 330 modern nihonga paintings, 2,900 modern Japanese prints and approximately 4,800 prints by foreign artists.

Togo Seiji museum

The museum's core collection is comprised of the works of Seiji Togo, a noted Japanese artist closely associated throughout his life with Yasuda Fire. Togo donated some 200 of his own works (painted between 1914 and 1977) to the museum, along with his collection of over 250 works by other Japanese and foreign artists. The museum site features images of fifty of Togo's works; go to Togo and Collection.

Edo Tokyo Hakubutsukan

Nihon bijutsukan (Troost)

Magazine Covers

Includes covers from 1923-2005. Site can be browsed by year or searched by keyword.

Includes covers from 1936 to 1972, the years when LIFE was published as a weekly magazine. Searches can be filtered by month, day and/or year, or by using search keywords.

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